About Assurius

Assurius is your point of contact in claims management. With more than 25 years of experience in claims management in the Benelux, combined with long-term partnerships in Europe, we are the perfect partner to handle both local and international claims in a smooth and qualitative way.

Our new direction

Not only did we revamp Assurius, we also renewed our way of working and our mission. This way, we want to be able to respond even better to technological developments in the insurance sector. The growing influence of artificial intelligence, increasingly efficient automated systems and the whole host of technological gadgets that can make your work easier are always in our sights. At Assurius, we have only one goal: to ensure that insurance brokers can focus on their core business and fully work on unburdening their clients. We create time and focus for your office. Customer satisfaction is of course central in all this, and our team of experts is committed to ensuring that you can help your clients with advice as efficiently as possible.

Our approach

Do not expect a ready-made service package from Assurius. We listen to you and tailor our work to suit your organisation and working methods as efficiently as possible. Every file we receive is guaranteed to be handled within 24 hours. With your way of working, your procedures and your systems. Upload documents directly into your IT system? Prefer to work with cloud storage? We adapt effortlessly.

When your question comes to us, we first agree on a service level in which we clearly define the tasks, agreements and deadlines together with you. If you wish, you can also follow up on our progress: via the Assurius management system, you can always request periodic reports and the status of your file.

Our keywords

ADVICE | strong dossier knowledge with great expertise

ADMINISTRATION | efficient processing of large volumes

FLEXIBILITY | always tailored to your way of working

PUNCTUALITY | accurate and correct settlement of each file

TRANSPARENCY | clear agreements and communication with you and your custome

For customers of all sizes

With more than 25 years of experience, Assurius has built up an impressive client portfolio. In doing so, we mainly worked for insurance brokers and companies, lawyers, fleet managers, CFOs, risk & legal managers in the retail sector and international companies. Whether you're an independent broker with 100 files or a large international retail chain with more than 1,000 files: Assurius has the experience, flexibility and know-how to provide you with high-quality administrative support.

How it began

Assurius' roots can be traced back to 1995, when a few managers with experience in the insurance world decided to join forces and launch a new concept in the market. Indeed, the handling of routine claims was largely based on standard rules, agreements and numerous formalities - which was not to everyone's advantage. The new partners decided to change tack. It was the birth of ISCS, a neutral partner and expert in claims handling.

When ISCS had been running solidly for 16 years, current managing director Tom Coussée - himself active in the insurance sector for more than 20 years - decided to take over the business. Over the past decade, he further developed the company into a specialised claims office with 15 employees, each with their own in-depth expertise. In 2023, it was time for a rebranding; the unwieldy ISCS was renamed Assurius, the mission was refocused and with a clear direction in sight, Assurius is now ready to take on a leading role in the industry in the future.

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About Assurius

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